Chocolate biscuit or foam roller?!
If you are like me and you can’t run due to an injury, then you can be forgiven for being like a bear with a sore head!
It seems every time I sign up for something (Brighton Marathon twice and now running with Karibu) I get plagued with an unexplained knee injury, well actually both knees now.
It’s bitter sweet seeing posts on fb or insta of your running buddies out in the elements or in glorious weather taking in stunning scenery. On one hand you are delighted they are doing their thing, on the other a touch of the Ba Hum Bugs washes over you.
I’ve now wallowed in self pity for nearly two weeks whilst half heartedly trying to strengthen my IT band, do single leg squats whilst brushing my teeth, all the time telling myself “I’m resting and recovering”! Oh, and incidentally emptying the contents of the biscuit box, because when I’m back running I’ll lose the weight in a flash!
What I should be doing is seeing this injury window as a golden opportunity to overhaul my muscles, and by that I mean give my deep and superficial muscles a complete top to toe massage, strengthen and rest. In all, practice what I preach to all my running clients “if it hurts, listen to your body, it’s trying to tell you to stop”!
In stopping and not running through the pain you can give your body a chance to rest, so any other little niggles you may have can heal, and in my case, the true issue becomes glaringly obvious – I’ve done too much too soon with an over zealous approach to leaping up and down some trail hills along side my normal running on roads, without some proper preparation work on a very very tight IT band (the iliotibial band is a thick ligament which can be found running from the outside of the thigh down from the hip. It attaches to the knee and helps to stabilise and move the joint and if it is overused and not looked after by stretching or massaging it can become very inflamed and tight, causing certain knee pain).
So, as I live with the motto “eat the cake, buy the shoes, drink the wine”, I’ve now eaten the chocolate biscuit and am heading to my yoga mat to start foam rolling my IT band…..